So you decided that you’re going to have a party…what’s next. Some may argue the guest list or a budget but I always say the theme. Establishing a theme is one of the most important elements of planning an event. Once you have your theme everything else can fall into place like the menu, favors, and most importantly decorations. With that being said this shouldn’t be a daunting task. Picking a theme is like picking something that you love that you want to showcase. It can be ANYTHING! A movie, an animal, a sport, a color or even something as simple as glitter.

Mean girls party
Alexandra Michele Events- Moana party

Some of our favorite themes over the years were created just when joking around with family. For example playing a baseball game at a birthday party with the whole family or scavenger hunts to find all of the scooby snacks. You might be thinking aren’t themes just for kids parties? That’s not the case at all weddings have themes they just usually aren’t as specific, instead they are colors or concepts/designs.

Once you decide on a fabulous theme (with or without our help) the rest of the planning is smooth sailing. And with our help we can showcase your theme and pull it all together in the little details.

Muppet Party
Baseball Bouquet
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