Say YES to the planner

Are you on the fence about hiring a wedding planner? Unsure if it is a good investment or a waste of your wedding budget? Many brides and grooms are unaware of the benefits that a professional wedding planner can bring to the planning process. We have picked out ten reasons why you should say yes to hiring a wedding planner.
#1 You deserve perfection on your big day
Leave it to the experts. Don’t worry about something going wrong or googling your questions. With a professional event planner by your side, you will have all of the answers that you need in order to have the perfect day that you have always dreamed of.
#2 Sticking to a budget and saving money
Budgets are hard no matter the occasion. But this is one budget that you want to make sure you stick to. Planners can help you understand what is a reasonable amount to pay your vendors. Plus despite popular belief wedding planners can save you money on your wedding instead of stretching your budget further. Planners often have relationships with vendors and can negotiate on contracts. Sometimes, planners have access to past clients decor, for example table numbers. This is just one of the many things that wedding planners have in their storage closet.
#3 Knowledge of traditional elements
To become a certified wedding planner, we become highly knowledgeable in the traditions of several different religions. These elements mostly come into play during the ceremony, but some traditions continue into the cocktail party and the reception. If you are looking to have a traditional wedding or even have some traditional elements it is best to consult with a planner before making arrangements.
#4 Creative problem solving
This is not to say that anything will go wrong on your wedding day, but if it does we are there to fix it. This also goes back into your planning process, like seating arrangements if you have divorced family members. Or the dreaded rain on your wedding day. A planner will come prepared with a plan A B C and even D so that your day can go off without a hitch.
#5 Save your time…let me do the research
Let your free time be free time, enjoy it. Don’t spend hours upon hours after a long day of work researching table settings, linens, or hotels. Let us find you deals and bring you the best options for your vision. You want to enjoy the wedding planning process, not stress about it. Our goal is to reduce your stress as much as possible. So kick back and have a date night with your special someone.
#6 Don’t worry about forgetting something
Let us handle the checklists, confirm with vendors and make sure everything will arrive just the way you dreamed on your wedding day. A wedding planner will make sure that all of the small details are there and nothing is forgotten at home.
#7 Communication
Emails, phone calls, bridal parties, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, aunts, grandmas, hotel managers, florists, venues. This list goes on and on. Communication is key in event planning. The schedule needs to be organized and communicated effectively to each party involved. This includes your family, they want to feel like they are important and can become stressed from the lack of communication.
#8 Creative inspiration
If crafts and projects aren’t your forte, you’ll have someone by your side who lives for creativity. Maybe you want to DIY your wedding as much as possible but your glue gun skills aren’t exactly on point. Or you want to order custom decor but are lacking ideas…you can tell your planner your vision and we will run with it!
#9 Ceremony to reception flipping
If you are having your reception in the same location as your ceremony you have to”flip” it during cocktail hour. During this time the room is transformed into a gorgeous reception. Within less than two hours centerpieces are arranged, table settings are placed, a dance floor is laid. With dozens of things going on at once it is important to have someone in charge and to communicate between the vendors to avoid complication.
#10 You should be 100% present for your wedding
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