Couple Spotlight

A real homerun

For our first couple spotlight, I would like to introduce Tony and Kate. Their wedding was unlike any other, filled with a first pitch, rain delay and a run around the bases. 

To Tony and Kate, baseball is not just a game. It is a lifestyle. The couple met on the field, grew their own local baseball training academy, and topped it off with a baseball themed wedding. 

Choosing a theme for a wedding is very different than a theme for a birthday party. The theme needs be executed tastefully and that is exactly what this wedding did. Having small personal touches scattered throughout, such as baseball boutonnieres, bouquets with flowers in the pattern of a ball and of course crackerjacks.  

I could go on and on about the perfection that was this very special wedding but instead I would rather show you. Hopefully it doesn’t make you cry as much as it made me. 

Sending lots of love to the happy couple on their 4th anniversary! 

Baseball Bouquet
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