Bridal Expo Tips

So you just got engaged…now what do you do? You want to gather quality information without spending hours researching and getting nowhere. That is where bridal expos come into play. 
A bridal expo is a great way to get started on your wedding planning. Even if you don’t hire any of the vendors. Which leads us into our first tip. 

#1: Gather pricing information

Bridal expos are a good way to get started because you can gather a lot of information at once. Some vendors may offer their pricing information, use this to your advantage. Compare the prices and services to make sure you are getting the wedding of your dreams that stays within your budget. Or if you haven’t set a budget and have no clue where to start, this will also help. You can get a basic understanding of what wedding vendors charge and have a better grasp on how much money you can expect to spend. 

#2: Return label stickers

If you hate filling out forms of the same information over and over again this trick is worth its weight in gold. Just bring along some of your return address stickers. When vendors ask you to fill out your information on a card or enter for a drawing, half of the work is already done! Or if you are really fancy or going to a lot of expos you can get labels printed with your phone number and email as well and you will have more time to chat and get information instead of spending two minutes filling out the same information for the 20th time. 

#3: Don't bring your entire wedding party

Normally, bridal expos consist of a lot of vendors and a lot of brides to be in a banquet hall. Once you account for all of the different booths and tables there isn’t much room left for walking let alone an entourage. Instead bring along just two or three people. 

#4: Make a wedding email

Keep your wedding life and your personal life separate. Instead of having to unsubscribe from emails after your wedding, make another account just for wedding details. Then when you are done you can just delete it. Because who actually likes getting hundreds of emails a day? 

#5: Try to find free tickets

When first looking for bridal expos to attend, their websites may want you to pay for your tickets. While I cannot speak for all, there are several expos in the Chicagoland area that you can get free access to (Windy City Wedding Show). You shouldn’t have to pay to talk to potential vendors. 

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