Dessert Planning

Candy Tables

You might be thinking, it’s a table full of candy what could possibly go wrong? I just get some candy put it in bowls and put it on the table. Instant hit right? Well not always. 

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to a sweet candy table. Unless your theme is rainbows you don’t just want to throw your favorite candies in any bowl you have laying around. This will make your table look messy, unorganized and unappetizing. 

The best way to go about it is to first pick a color scheme. But don’t fret if your favorite candy is blue and your colors are red and black. Many companies where you can buy candy in bulk offer your favorites in a variety of colors. Plus you won’t have to sit for hours picking the red M&M’s out of the bag. 

Something to be careful of is using other sweets one to avoid is cereal. I recently attended a wedding that had their candy table out right when we arrived at the reception. Normally, I would be all for the candy but in this case there was one candy and the rest consisted of breakfast cereal and other random snacks, like raisins and mini marshmallows. For me this candy table really dropped the ball, the options were limited and the only candy was M&M’s and of course they were gone within an hour. 

The moral of the story is that you need to carefully pick what you want to display on your table and how you wish to display it. Personally, I love to use clear vessels so that you can showcase the colors. You also should anticipate which candies will quickly disappear and which ones you can buy less of because you are mostly displaying them for the color, like lollipops. A candy table should add a some sugar to your event not leave your guests feeling sour. 

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