Muppet Party
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Muppet Mayhem


This past weekend Alexandra Michele Events hosted a very special event, JoJo’s 1st birthday party! And as you all know it is not an Alexandra Michele event without a theme! And what could possibly be better for a 1st birthday than the muppet gang! 

The house was transformed into a magical rainbow wonderland. There was definitely no absence of color or details at this party. From the decor to the food everything was there for a reason. 

Muppet Party

Another thing that you probably know about us by now is our love for puns. This party was no exception. Every menu item had a corresponding character from the muppets. For example: Miss Piggies in blankets (pigs in a blanket), Animal’s drumsticks (pretzel rods), and my favorite Mahna Menems (M&M’s). 

The decorations and favors were also over the rainbow, with muppet head banners, test tubes filled with more “mahna menems”, and a magical entry way that transported our guests into a rainbow wonderland. It was definitely an unforgettable event! 

From all of us here at Alexandra Michele Events we are wishing JoJo a very happy 1st birthday! 

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