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12 Dates of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

12 dates!

With Christmas just around the corner we have gathered a list of holiday themed date ideas. If you are anything like me I love looking for new and creative things to do with my special someone. Because who really wants to go on another dinner and a movie date…? 
1. Pick out and decorate a tree 
String some popcorn, buy some ornaments and decorate away! 
2. Hot chocolate tasting
There are several fun ways to have a hot chocolate tasting. You can get creative at home and make your own variations. Or if you are looking to get out of the house, visit a few different coffee shops and see which one is the winner! 
Well this one might be a little tricky if you live somewhere nice or if this nice weather continues (crossing my fingers) so you might need to get creative and throw paper balls instead. But if it does snow there is nothing more romantic than throwing freezing cold balls of snow at your significant other’s face. 
4. Ice skating 
This is great to do just the two of you or with a group as a double or triple date! 
5. Christmas movie marathon 
Cuddle up on the couch and watch some of the classics or modern movies. You can even share your favorite Christmas movies with each other. 
6. Look at christmas lights
Take a tour around your neighborhood and look at all of the different lights! If you are lucky you’ll find one of those elaborate houses where the lights dance to music. 
7. Gingerbread house contest 
Unleash your competitive side and battle it out in a true test of precision.. gingerbread houses. Just make sure you have a neutral judge to pick the winner! 
8. Bake cookies
Share some family cookie recipes or head over to Pinterest if you are looking for something new! 
9. Make ornaments 
While you are on Pinterest looking for cookie recipes check out some of the DIY ornaments. Once you find something head over to Michael’s they always have great deals and coupons to keep your crafting expenses low. 
10. Cuddles by a fire
Honestly is there anything better??
11. Build a snowman
You can even sing the song while you build it! But this is your chance to get creative make your snowman (or woman) unique or even make a family of snowpeople! 
12. Take a picture with Santa
I know what you are thinking..this is for kids. But it isn’t Santa is for everyone! Plus it will make for a great story and a good laugh. 
Leave a comment below or tag us in your pictures when you try out any of these date ideas! We would love to see what you and your someone share together! 
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