Put a ring on it

Since it is engagement season, I thought that it was only appropriate to write about how to pick the hottest (and the sparkliest) engagement rings that your future hubby can buy.  
In order to pick the perfect bling, there are four major elements that decide the look of your ring. Otherwise known as the 4 C’s (cut, color, carat, and clarity). 


One of the first things to decide is the shape or cut of the stone. As you can see in the diagram to the right there are several different choices. Some of the most common types include Princess, Round, and Pear. 


Once you decide on a shape  the next step would be to decide if you want to stay with a traditional diamond, or use a colored stone or a diamond alternative. This aspect of the ring is the best way to make it unique and customized just for you by adding a pop of color. But if that isn’t your style you can never go wrong with a classic diamond.


Clarity of your ring is exactly what it sounds like, how flawless will your diamond be. As the chart shows the lower the clarity the more specks and imperfections your stone will have. 


And finally carat size, hopefully your man knows that this has nothing to do with the vegetables but if he doesn’t, an easy rule of thumb is the bigger the carat the bigger the diamond.

Additional details

Besides the 4 C’s there are a few other elements to consider when designing the perfect ring. Including the shank, or the look of the band. You can choose from traditional, criss cross, tapered, split, bypass and several others. Then you can look into your accent stones that can either go on the band of the ring or around your main diamond or stone. Finally, you can design the embellishments on the band such as engraving, milgrain or openwork. There are so many different options and combinations of design elements you don’t have to worry about your ring being the same as every other girl getting engaged.

Check back soon to see my see my favorite picks for the hottest (and the sparkliest) engagement rings. But if you just can’t wait until next week check out our Pinterest board “Put a RING on it” to see some of our favorites and for more information on picking the best ring for you! And if you recently got engaged tag us in the picture of your ring we’d love to see it! 

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