Put a ring on it: part 2

Since it is engagement season, I thought that it was only appropriate to write about how to pick the hottest (and the sparkliest) engagement rings that your future hubby can buy.  
If you haven’t already, please read last weeks blog post (aka part 1). We discussed the different elements that should be taken into consideration when selecting an engagement ring. But now it is time for the fun part! My picks for the hottest and the sparkliest engagement rings that Pinterest has to offer!! 

1. Matching Engagement and Wedding bands

I love that this is possible. I am always worried about things matching and being able to have the same engagement and wedding rings is so satisfying. They even make some so that they can fit together and then they are just like one ring. And you know what that means… you are less likely to misplace it! 

2. Vintage and Color!

These rings are so unique and have gorgeous details. Some have that little pop of color. Others have different designs with the accent diamonds making unique shapes. Any of these rings are perfect for the bride that wants to stand out and be a little different! 

3. All the sparkles!

So this is definitely the category that I personally fall into. I love the details on the band and the twisted style. Plus you really can’t go wrong with sparkles, am I right?! I know that I have tried to pin the ring on the right every single time that I see it on Pinterest. So gorgeous!! 

I hope you learned a lot about picking engagement rings! And enjoyed looking at some of my personal favorites. For the lucky ladies that have been getting engaged over the holiday season, I would love for you to tag us in the picture of your ring we’d love to see it! Congratulations and happy shopping! 

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