Dessert Holiday

Valentine Desserts!

Gone are the days of enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) those chalky little valentine heart candies. Now we get to enjoy things that are actually tasty!! Like reeses hearts, gummy bears basically all of the regular candy that you normally love except pink! 

BUT if you are looking for something a little different to do with your special someone why not make some homemade desserts together! You get to spend some quality time together and enjoy something that you both made! 

So I have searched through Pinterest looking for the best of the best (and the yummiest) desserts! And some decorations too because they are too darn cute not to share with you! And if these aren’t enough check out our Valentine’s Day pinterest board for more ideas! 

Red velvet cheesecake brownies
Pudding Parfait
Chocolate cookies with raspberry frosting
Heart candy flower centerpiece (aka the best use for heart candies)
Chocolate cookies with raspberry frosting
Chocolate skewers
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