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Tale as old as time

Disney Princess Weddings!

As you might know, we are starting a new blog series…Disney Princess Weddings. If not, hakuna matata! Over the next several months I will be planning each Disney Princess’s wedding! For this blog post I will be sharing what I have envisioned and planned for Belle’s wedding. Please note that these images are inspiration that I gathered from Pinterest, not my personal work. So if you would like to see everything that inspired me for this event check out my Pinterest board!! Well without further ado please be our guest for Belle’s wedding! 

For this wedding I was of course inspired by the rose, books and candelabras. From there I selected a color scheme of red, gold and splashes of navy. The next step would be to secure a wedding venue. Since they already have a giant castle…and a library, it just makes perfect sense to have an at home wedding. I would have the ceremony in the library, cocktail hour out in the garden, and host the reception in the ballroom. 

This wedding dress to the right is part of the official disney princess wedding dress collection.
Imagine these three table designs together. The tall candelabra, with the books holding the table number at the base, then the red and gold touches in the china and the chair.
I hope you enjoyed our first Disney Princess wedding! If you are interested in more of our inspiration for Belle’s wedding please check out our pinterest board! Until next time! 
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