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Easter Brunch!

As you could have guessed Easter is a very exciting time of year for Alexandra Michele Events. Not only because we have our very own Easter bunny but it is the beginning of spring events! 

I would like to share some of our decor and menu inspiration for our Easter Brunch last Sunday. 

Something that we strive for is repurposing elements from other events. Not only is this good for the environment but it also lets some of our favorite pieces get a second life. If you remember our Hazel Grace’s Birthday party we made a banner made of bunnies. We were able to use this as part of our decor for Easter. 

Last but not least our Easter Eggs! This year we tried something new and crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t turn into a Pinterest fail. Marbled eggs! We used cool whip and food coloring to create a beautiful marble effect. And they turned out great! 

I hope you all had a HOPPY Easter this year! And if you’d like to see more of our Easter Brunch check out our Facebook and Instagram! 

Our menu consisted of an Easter ham, waffles, an omelette bar, and some gorgeous berries. But it doesn’t stop there…we had a mimosa bar with a selection of different juices. And of course the dessert! Monkey bread, donuts and bunny butt cookies (to the left). 

And please enjoy this picture of our own little Easter Bunny, Hazel Grace! 
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