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21 is so Fetch

I would like to share a few different elements from one of my favorite events. “21 Is So Fetch.” In honor of one of the best movies in cinematic history, Mean Girls. This party would definitely be “fetch” in Gretchen Weiners book.

The color scheme for the party of course was pink and gold. Attendees were asked to wear pink, or they can’t sit with us. All of the decor was handmade by me and my staff. It included Mean Girls quotes, a picture backdrop, this candy table background and more! Pictured above is the sweets table. Which included candy canes, cake filled with rainbows, and Kaltine bars.  Candy and treats were not all our menu had to offer. We served “we should totally just stab caesar salad”, “enough cheese and crackers for 8 people”, cheese fries, and other Mean Girl themed items.

And what would a 21st birthday be without speciality drinks?! Because “if you are going to drink, I’d rather you do it in the house.” Guests had the choice of several different pink drinks including pink vodka lemonade, and pink margaritas.

Kalteen Bars
The limit does not exist for how fetch this 21st birthday was! Follow us on instagram @alexandramicheleevents for more event photos.

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