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Why to hire a Wedding Planner

So you just got engaged… and you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner. Maybe you are thinking it is too expensive. Or your mom or MOH offered to help you. Perhaps you don’t want someone else to plan your wedding. Or maybe you plan on being a DIY bride. Whatever the reason, let me tell you why you are better off if you say YES to the planner. 

wedding planner
Wedding planner

I’m sure right now you are thinking “Alexandra you are a wedding planner of course you think it is important to hire one.” So in order to explain the importance of a wedding planner let me offer an analogy. 

Planning a wedding is a lot like creating a movie. There is the prep that has to go into movie like writing the script, hiring the designers, creating a filming and editing timeline. The director is responsible for overseeing all of these decisions, communicating & COORDINATING the entire process. 

Much like wedding vendors there are directors of lighting, cinematography, makeup, costumes, music and so on. Each of these areas are vital to the success of a movie. Just like a wedding you wouldn’t want your photography left up to a friend wand their iphone. Or your music left up to a friend and their aux cord. It is just as important to make sure the director aka wedding planner is a professional as well. Their part is to oversee and make sure that all of the other departments are doing their job correctly and on schedule. 

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

Just like a director is a VITAL part of the movie making process; a wedding planner is only going to make your special day even more special not to mention less stressful. 

For more reasons why hiring a wedding planner is beneficial check out our previous blog from this series 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner. 

If you still are hesitant about why you should hire a planner please give us a call and I would be happy to personally tell you more and answer any questions. 

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