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Say Yes to the Dress part 2

Finding a bridal gown is an exciting process but it can also be a stressful one. I hope that I can make it a bit easier for you. If you haven’t already please check out my part one Say Yes to the Dress.
As a bridal stylist myself, I never want any of my brides to be nervous to stressed about their appointment. Shopping for a bridal gown should be an exciting and fun experience! Not one where you walk away discouraged and upset. Today I want to share 5 more tips that brides should keep in mind mind for their bridal gown appointments. 

#1: Dress appropriately

Most times you know that you are going to be trying on wedding dresses when you walk in for your appointment. So be conscious of what you will be wearing underneath the dresses when you try them on. 

While that hot pink sports bra might be the most comfortable, the best choice would be a strapless bra. Or even better the stick on bras. I say this because you can see the dress how it is supposed to be. Meaning if it has a low or shear back you can see all the details instead of your bra straps. I also recommend this because your stylist will likely be helping you in and out of dresses and you want to be comfortable with what you are wearing. After all you just met them! 

Second thing is spanks! If you plan on wearing them for your wedding day you’ll want to see what the dress looks like with them on. Especially if you are wearing a fitted dress. You don’t want to pick up your dress and realize  your spanks don’t do what you thought they would. 

Alexandra Michele Events
Alexandra Michele Events

#2: Sample sizes aren't going to fit perfectly

If you are shopping at a bridal boutique odds are that they only have one size MAYBE two of every dress. This means that the dresses are going to be a sample size. 

Now don’t ask me why because I agree it is stupid. But most bridal gowns are going to run two sizes too small. That means that our sample size which is usually a 12 or 14 is really a street size 8 or 10. Unless they also offer womens sizing in store. In which case they will usually run around a size 20 (street size 16). 

With that being said it isn’t going to fit you perfectly. Your consultant will use clips to make the dress fit BETTER. The key word there was better not perfect. The same thing goes for if they are too small. We can add a panel into the back so your skin isn’t showing and clip that to the dress. If they have womens sizing in store and you are close to that size it is always better to try something on in a larger size than a smaller size and have it clipped.  

And trust me I know that this is frustrating. If we could have every dress in every size we would. But no boutique is going to have the storage space for that. So try to use your imagination. I know that it can be hard but I believe in you! 

#3: Keep an open mind

Having an open mind is important in any situation. But extra important when trying on wedding gowns. You might walk in with an image of how you will look on your wedding day and walk out with the complete opposite. 

Wedding dresses are a whole different ball game than any dress you have worn before. 

So be open to trying different silhouettes. Put on that ball gown for mom even if you don’t want to.

Remember that it never hurts to try something on! The worst that could happen is that you take it off. You never know you could really like it! 

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#4: The "No's" are important too

This is something that I always say to my brides when they are feeling discouraged about not “loving” a dress. The no’s are important too! And even if you dress isn’t here today you learned a lot! Especially during your first appointment. It is okay to not know what you want. Because with each dress we learn more about what you do want! Maybe one dress you loved the silhouette but hated the lace. That is perfectly okay! All of these things are little victories that get you one step closer to saying yes to the dress! 

#5: Don't feel pressured to say yes!

Of course your stylist and your family want you to Say Yes to the Dress. But there is never any point where I want a bride to buy a gown if she doesnt love it. Please don’t let anyone talk you into a dress. No matter who they are! YOU are the only one that has to LOVE the dress. You will be wearing it all day not them! 

Another thing I always tell my brides is: “it is okay if your dress isn’t in my store, I want you to find YOUR dress and it is okay if it isn’t here.” 

BUT if it is your will know it. Try not to second guess yourself. Trust your gut and Say Yes to the Dress! 

Alexandra Michele Events

Happy shopping ladies!

Pop the champagne and
Say Yes to the Dress!

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